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Bengals and Savannahs offered by Thomwren Cattery 

Cat Partners

Bengals and Savannahs offered by Abambu Cattery 

Bengal and Savannah Cats

Many customers ask for referrals on where to obtain Bengal or Savannah cats.   These cats are full of personality and there are a variety of breed options to consider for your home environment.   Please visit the website of these two organizations if you interested in adding one of these beautiful cats into your family.   

Ambu Cattery is a small cattery specializing healthy, stunning, and very sweet cats.  Each cat is showered with love from birth until they are delivered to their approved home.  Most of the cats are breeder or show quality.   The goal of Ambu cattery is to share the wonder of these dog-like Savannah and Bengal cats.  Ambu Cattery is licensed by the state of Colorado.

Thomwren Cattery is a small boutique breeder, specializing in Bengal, Savannah and Chausie  cats.  Bengals have been part of their world since 1998, Savannahs since 2001. They breed F1 through F5 generations only.  The Chausies are spotted and sold only as pets. Rather than producing large numbers of litters they prefer breeding a few special litters at a time. Thomwren Cattery is a TICA registered cattery since 1999. Thomwren Cattery is located in sunny southeastern Arizona.

These organizations do not have any affiliation with Register My Service Animal, LLC and we do not offer any warranty on the cats purchased through these organizations. 

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